Why Carwashes Need WiFi or a Larger Escape Lane in the Information Age

Why Carwashes Need WiFi or a Larger Escape Lane in the Information Age

Last week, I was sitting in the local Starbucks – it is a few of buildings away from a very popular carwash the town center. This particular carwash happens to do hands washing, and has quick detail services that they can call; Express Detail Service. In any case, I was talking to one of the customers who happened to leave their car for the express detail, and run over to Starbucks so she could use the WiFi for their apple ipad tablet, and the smart telephone. wlan passwort hacken

The lady I was conversing with was concerned because the carwash to not have WiFi available, and when she attempted to use the WiFi system they would not give her the password so the girl could get her emails. They gave her some sort of your excuse; 

“If we allow you to use it, we have to let everyone use it, and they would place all the bandwidth, and that we would be able to run our computer, ”

and the service manager at the carwash also made a statement;

“We never know if someone comes in to get a carwash, wants to use our WiFi system so they can hack all of us. inch

The lady was rather miffed, why would she come to a carwash pay $45 to get her car thorough, and actually, once a week for a $10-$19 carwash and suddenly become a hacker to break into their computer system? In the end, the lady considers herself a good paying customer, and after being in the carwash business for over 27 years before retirement, I would certainly agree that are regular customer like that is very valuable, and she didn’t deserve getting the runaround from the carwash manager when the girl asked a simple question about using the Wireless system.

Now then, as a carwash consultant inside my early retirement I can tell you that most carwashes in this day and age, within our information age group, need to have Wi-fi available for all of their customers. If they don’t have that available, especially on the week-ends when the lines get very long, they desire a Larger escape Lane so customers which may have important things to do can get out of the range, so they don’t have to wait to textual content message their friends, get their e-mails, or get online. Let’s face it – we now stay in a linked world.

Every automotive service companies would be wise to have WiFi access available. And if these companies are involved about someone circumventing into the pc system, then they should have an unique standalone WiFi system for customers to use. Indeed I am hoping you will please consider all this and think onto it. In the event that you don’t keep your customers happy, I guess your competition would be glad to.

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