What To Consider When Choosing Between a Compact Digital Camera or a Bridge Camera

What To Consider When Choosing Between a Compact Digital Camera or a Bridge Camera

Above recent years there has been an explosion in the range of digital camera models. Although there has recently been a move far from ‘traditional’ type of compact cams and Digital Single Contact lens Reflex (Digital SLR) with the industry appearing to focusing a lot of development ‘compact system cameras’ (bridge camera). This has achieved it even harder to decide which digital camera is the best for the regular consumer. hi rise camera

The basic principle behind most compact system cameras is the same as that of a Digital SLR, with the benefits associated with relatively large detectors and interchangeable lenses, but coupled with the lightweight nature of the advanced compact cameras. These digital cameras are designed to deliver a high standard of functionality and image quality in a small and inexpensive camera body. 

This kind of opens the market for manufactures, to first-time users demanding a reasonably charged way of achieving top quality images, through to the enthusiast who may well not wish to take with you a heavy Digital SLR body and collection of lenses for a day’s shooting or for whom the price of a pro Digital slr would be prohibitive.

Even though, for myself I would select the functionality and image quality of compact system cameras, are these really the most suitable choice for everyone?

Compact cameras

Compact digital cameras are made for the less demanding and occasional users and are good to a family event and holiday snaps. Provided with ‘smart’ and ‘intelligent’ technology, compact cameras are suitable for those happy to leave all the decision-making to the camera rather than themselves, but also allowing some extent of control when needed. Ironically these video cameras can often be the most difficult to choose between due to the range of models from a huge number of manufacturers.


Many of today’s digital cameras contain a larger sensors than in the past, including between 8-16 million -pixels (Mp). This comfortably fulfills and surpasses the requirements of most digital camera users today for taking family photographs and vacation snaps.

While a better number of pixels can be beneficial in good light, this can also have a negative impact on image quality when you use camera’s light level of sensitivity or ISO settings to the maximum when shooting in low light conditions.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid digital video cameras with the a high number of mega-pixels, but that your decision about the digicam that would most suit the needs you have should take into account both quality of the image fühler, range of mega-pixels, ease of use and the caliber of the lens. Lens quality and sensor quality are two guiding factors that will always be at the front of any decision when contemplating the sort of digital camera, model and manufacturer, you wish to purchase.

If you plan on buying a simple compact camera, and you aren’t likely to use it in a range of lighting conditions, lookout for those which use a ‘backlit’ sensor, as these usually capture images with less noise (noise is along with distortion caused by little light conditions where your digicam is trying to compensate, this grainy and spotted appearance may mess up what would otherwise be a nice photograph) and with a greater powerful range. As the technology boosts manufacturers are combining this feature in to a greater selection of models. Nevertheless it is worthwhile enquiring prior to purchasing your brand-new camera.

What zoom lens?

As previously mentioned the quality of the contact lens is of real value of when considering which camera to acquire. It is highly recommended to find a camera that has a range of the contact lens, as this will shape out how suitable it is for different topics and situations. I might recommend that when purchasing a new camera body you choose a shorter zoom zoom lens with arrange between about 24 mm to 75 mm. Of course most likely as an first purchase, the camera will come as a ‘lens kit’, where the camera body lens come encased together.

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