Wedding Music For The Flute

Wedding Music For The Flute

The flute is a beautiful instrument and well-suited for weddings because it’s so bright and cheery. Probably you even already have someone in mind to experience flute for your wedding. Musica casamento brasília

Should you know that you will have a flute using at your wedding, you are going to want to tailor your music search around music suitable for that device 

Because the flute is so exquisite for weddings, there is a great riches of wedding music for flute that you can choose from.

In this article, I use some tips and musical technology ideas in case most likely thinking about including this instrument in your wedding ceremony.

Works for big and small churches

To get a smaller wedding or all but the most significant of churches, the flute can add an especially beautiful touch to the ceremony’s music. And despite being a quieter device, a flute’s sound can carry surprisingly well. Until your wedding will be in a really large chapel, amplification still might not be needed (though you might still choose to do so).


A flute can be taken just about anywhere in a wedding ceremony. On the subject of the only place where we would not recommend a flute is the Recessional (which is often a loudly played piece) or Postlude (in addition to usually being played out loudly, guests often start talking, both factors will make the flute difficult to hear).

You could even use a flute during the Processional if it is a quieter part (not all processionals need to be loud-they simply need to be joyful).

Feel free to make use of a flute all by itself if you find the right music. Nevertheless almost all of the time, you may pairing it with an accompanying instrument such as organ or piano. Both equally instruments work well with the flute (both need to be played at a volume that amounts the flute, however your musicians will know this).

A flute can be used as the accompanying device or play as a duet with a tone yet another instrument (such as a violin, harp or cello).

Getting started out

There are many, many pieces where you could effectively use a flute. Here are simply a few suggestions:

Albinoni: Adagio
Mozart: Ode to Joy (from Ninth Symphony)
Marcello: Diminuendo (from Concerto in M Minor for Oboe & Strings)
Faure: Sicilienne
Geschäftsverkehr: Largo (from Xerxes)
Wirtschaft: Arioso “Thanks Be To Thee”
Bach: Air (from Orchestral Suite #3)
Bach: Sheep May Safely Feed (from Cantata 156)
Mozart: Laudate Dominum (from Solemn Vespers)
All of these pieces are located in the iTunes Music Store, other online sources and are commonly available on CD. Obtaining them performed by a flute might take a little more work. Nevertheless don’t worry about it-just find and listen to it performed on any instrument to see if you like the part.

Then work with your musician(s) to see that they can play it for you.

Don’t ignore about skill level

This kind of brings up an important point: skill level. In the event that you’re hiring a professional flutist, this won’t be problems. But if most likely by using a friend or comparative, particularly someone young, pay attention: Skill levels fluctuate and the range of a flute varies with skill level (as may the difficulty of the background music they can handle). Less experienced artists may well not manage to play the music you want because they can’t play high (or low) enough.

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