Upgrading Your Diesel Exhaust System Improves Your Powerstroke Performance, Horsepower and Torque

Upgrading Your Diesel Exhaust System Improves Your Powerstroke Performance, Horsepower and Torque

If you need to get more from your Ford Powerstroke then you’ve got to provide a little… in the way of cool, climate that is. An exhaust is one of the first upgrades I would recommend for your Ford diesel truck. A great upgraded diesel exhaust provides improved performance and lower exhaust gas temperatures unlike factory systems which might remove noise, but create again pressure and raise wear out temperatures. click here

Minimizing back pressure is the secret to getting more out of your diesel engine. The only way that you can get fresh, cool air in is to get the hot air out. A diesel performance system gets exhaust away quickly through the get out of hand louvered high flow muffler to the fully mandrel bent tubing and little bend degree angles. You can drop exhaust gas temperatures in your Powerstroke by up to 2 hundred? F setting the level for overall increased performance. A performance system is unquestionably the starting point to finding the most out of your cold air consumption, programmers, modules and downloaders. 

Most of us want better performance out of your Powerstrokes and performance is critical, but since a Ford lover, I believe appearance and sound are equally important. Performance diesel exhaust systems are specifically tuned to get the optimal audio out of your vehicle paired with hot image styling. If you’re heading to have your Ford producer Powerstroke kick ass then you need to look and sound the part too.

The Best Devices Start With the very best Materials.
Performance wear out systems come in heavy duty aluminized steel or stainless steel. Aluminized systems will offer a value price without compromised quality. In some stock systems, stitches are a major point of rust through, but fully sealed tubing can also add years to your system.

Made to Conduct.
Most of the time when someone tells you that pipe size will not matter it’s a lay. When it comes to performance exhaust systems bigger does not necessarily indicate better. Stock systems often use piping that is too small, that causes constraints and back pressure creating you to lose hp. However using pipes that are very large for your engine makes it so that the exhaust system are not able to rove properly triggering you to lose power and efficiency. Performance exhaust systems are sized for your exact year, make and model, so you get broiling that is sized just right.

For The six. 3L diesel Powerstroke owner, you will find that your truck responds extremely well to a full turbo back exhaust system. This type of system involves a 4″ downpipe, 4″ intermediate pipes, a top flow diesel muffler with a 4″ tailpipe. You are able to finish off the system with an image finished, show quality 5″ size exhaust tip for added style points. With this method high flow is the key to putting the “power” in Powerstroke. This kind of system is a must for trucks that are, or plan to run an upgraded air intake system and chip.

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