The Rise of Smartphones

The Rise of Smartphones

Collectively passing day, more and more customers are buying smartphones like never before. This has been fuelled by the increasing amount of cheap smartphones that are being introduced on the market by all major touch screen phone makers. cell phones reviews

For the uninformed, a smartphone is a cellular phone which can hook up online and has the capability to run and buy applications. Even a cheap smartphone is equipped with voice, data, wireless faithfulness, Bluetooth and GPRS functions. Operating systems that are most frequently used in cheap smartphones include the Android by Google, iOS by Apple and Portable 7 by Windows. Virtually all smartphone handsets, including cheap smartphones, use the 3-G wireless communication technology and switches over to Wifi whenever it’s available. In fact newer cheap smartphone devices are being manufactures for accommodating the upcoming 4-G technology. 

Reports have says worldwide, the sale of cell phones to end-users totaled over 416 million devices over the last 1 / 4 of 2011. It was a 35 per cent increase from the corresponding one fourth last year. The sale of smartphones, including cheap mobile phones, grew over 95 every cent from the next 1 / 4 during the last season. Smartphones constituted over nineteen percent of the total sales of mobile cell phones during the last one fourth this year.

The United Says has over 290 mil mobile phone subscribers and mobile phone penetration in the country has ended 78 per cent. More than one household in every four had mobiles and no landline connection. As a result is an increase of over 2. 1 every cent than 2009. Practically one household, in every six, use mobiles solely despite having a landline connection. Across the world there are practically five billion smartphone users, a substantial percentage of who use cheap smartphones.

While networks equipped with higher speeds are built, is actually expected that an increasing quantity of customers would swap to mobile internet. Touch screen phone owners are downloading hundreds of applications and spending huge amounts of money via mobile payments. The younger generation, today, use their smartphones for almost all of their e-commerce transactions. And the most surprising part is that almost all of them haven’t been to a bank in years.

With more number of folks taking to smartphones, the concerns about mobile phone security are also bound to rise. If you’re one of those who have purchased a smartphone, use an unique number code to lock your mobile phone. Over 50 percent of smartphone users don’t put it to use and their handsets be vulnerable to thieves and hackers. Besides, don’t store any banking password in your smartphone. Nearly twenty-four % users do so and 40 per nickle of these people declare losing their handset would be worse than shedding their wallet. Over two million cell phones are stolen or lost each year. That’s one cellphone in every a minute.

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