Setting Up D-Link Routers

Setting Up D-Link Routers

D-Link routers are one of the very most commonly used router devices. Most people across the world prefer to go for D-Link routers due to their easy setup and configuration process among other features. Inside the recent times, every house has one or more personal computers and they are often linked through a cordless router. However, sometimes the configuration process of these routers turns into a daunting task that a normal user may or might not exactly be able to perform. You can access your WiFi configuration panel at

Keep a few things in brain prior to starting with the router configuration. Make sure that all the cords and switches etc. are in proper place. Look at the manual carefully and stick to the instructions accordingly like applying the disk, connecting the cables etc. Ensure that the cable modem is unplugged and the computer is turned off before the installation. 

To change your D-Link router, follow the below mentioned steps:

Unplug the Ethernet cable television linked to the router and from the personal computer and plug it in to the WAN port of the router. Now reconnect the Ethernet cable to the computer. To become alarmed to hook up the wires while heading for wireless. Yet , if you are preparing wifi connection for the first time, you’ll certainly be required to set it up on a wired computer.
At this point, when the cable is linked to the router, turn the router and the computer as well as allow them to boot. You can see the router LED light blinking, which means that the set up of the router is right.
Following your computer is turned on, configure the D-Link router to setup your connection(s). Open your browser and type the generic IP address 192. 168. zero. 1 for the first time login details.
This kind of will permit you to create an username and password. Make sure that your firmware is working. While going for a Wireless setup, be sure that you set your SSID and create an unique login and password which means that your neighbours do not intrude into your wireless range.
Right now after configuring the router to the computer, you can go for parent control, firewall, or other features. You can also allow some computers to access the internet within the range. Make sure that the firewall is enabled so that no virus can penetrate into your setup.
There are numerous companies, which provide D-Link router setup/configuration support. The -panel of expert technicians offers the best help possible to you and established up your router at ease.

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