Property Estate Management Companies Must Action Safety Risk Assessments

Property Estate Management Companies Must Action Safety Risk Assessments

Residence management agents for freeholders and leaseholders in pads of flats and rentals have concerns about the not enough importance which some affix to risk assessments. Stairwells and common areas in non commercial facilities are treated as a commercial space under current arrangements and we have to go to great lengths to encourage a lot of people that mandatory risk assessments are in reality necessary and really should be taken seriously. Presently there are of course also many other statutory requirements that freehold management companies require to comply with and which are generally sidelined. Florida Property Management

Other issues range from the need for landlords to address the countless leasehold or tenants’ rights which property owners and freehold management companies must recognise. In particular service charges applications must be issued in an approved form and meet timelines. Expenditure limits must be recognised and rigid consultation procedures followed. Various of these statutory requirements are often ignored numerous freeholders believing that they don’t apply because they each own their freehold. 

Leaseholders in blocks of houses who have benefited from the purchase of their freeholds and who home manage their properties fall season into the category of the people who are at the most risk of becoming complacent. This could be particularly widespread where the buy to let market is proportionally high, in areas such as London and the South East of Britain, Absent leaseholders who do not reside at the property tend to be less included in the freehold house property management company nevertheless this is certainly not always the case and many do take a healthy interest..

Sometimes these freehold or leasehold stop management companies form the view that because they have seemingly avoided any problems in the history that they may continue to disregard the new and current legislation and duties enforced on them through law. They will no uncertainty save valuable service charges monies to do so which is all well until a problem comes up or a risk eventuates.

The united kingdom legal system (or specifically in England and Wales) may take a dim view of any such behaviour particularly in the instance of fire or where damage has resulted from their unwillingness to carry away their statutory duties. Administrators and officers insurance which would otherwise protect those individuals in charge may well be void in certain circumstances where mindful decisions have been taken up ignore the tips of professional advisors. Specialist advice should be sought as may be necessary.

We can well understand the temptation to avoid unneeded red tape wherever possible however there is a need to educate those concerned of the hazards involved and possible insurance implications of failure to comply. Leaseholders and freeholders will dsicover it useful checking in case their buildings insurance will pay out where risk checks have never been properly transported out, or tips complied with.

A high level00 freeholder, a concerned leaseholder or simply wish to determine more about residential property management take note00 there is advice freely available. Specialist estate property management agents can also offer professional advice and support.

A fantastic RICS qualified property block management agent should be able to ease advising on health and safety which is plainly an important aspect of the esrate management role on any block of flats, estate or apartment building.

Typical property management agents duties would normally include arranging Risk Tests, Health and Safety and undertaking some or all of the following:

Home Maintenance and Repairs
Home Leasehold Enquiries
Service Costs Financial Control
Cost management
Service Charges & Surface Rent Collection
Customer Credit reporting
Property Leasehold Supervision & Compliance
Company Admin
Major Works Consultancy
CDM Co-ordination Duties for Main Works under the Structure Design and Management Rules

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