Millions Now Find Local Business on the Internet Even Though Yellow Pages Lie on a Shelf in a Closet

Millions Now Find Local Business on the Internet Even Though Yellow Pages Lie on a Shelf in a Closet

What keeps you awake through the night, indigestion boiling up your esophagus, eyes open, looking at the ceiling? What do you secretly, ardently most desire? Is your business growing to meet all of your needs?تصميم-مواقع-القاهرة/

Is your local business getting enough phone cell phone calls?

With the radical changes in our economy and people moving away from Yp, newspaper advertising and other old school advertising media, customers are looking on the Internet for you. They search the net, and then they go down the street and purchase what they want and need. If they don’t find your neighborhood Business in their search, they are not buying a person. 

Occasions have changed, indeed. The Internet is still new; however it is all over the place, in fact it is not going away whenever soon. The world wide web has altered our world, shrunk the whole world into a computer you own in your hand, heretofore known as a mobile phone. If you don’t get your business it is in place to be seen on that small display screen, your customers are heading someplace else.

WARNING: The customers are searching for you online right now!

If your Local Organization is located on the Internet, you sell. In the event…

Perhaps, a few stats will shed light on this mystery:

Over one particular Billion local searches performed on a monthly basis — growing over 50% a year
80 percent American people are using the Internet [2009]
80 percent of men and women first search online before you make a purchase
97% Internet users go surfing to shop [NPD Group]
90% Net searches bring about offline large rock & mortar purchases [Comscore]
82% Internet looks cause calls & contact with businesses [Comscore]
74% Internet users perform local searches [Kelsey Group]
73% Internet queries are related to local content [Google]
66% Internet users use Net for local searches [Comscore / TMP]
25% Internet searches have solely local commercial focus [ Kelsey / Bizrate]
Pepsi, FedEx pass on 2010 Super Bowl advertising — shift ad us dollars to new marketing work mostly online.
What are your customers looking for?

Old school marketing is still King. Times have changed, and media change, too. None of all of us alive today remember the King’s herald announcing reports from the official slide. Some of us recognition barkers calling out theatre or carnival sideshow destinations to passers-by. Most of us have bought something from a newspaper advertisements, or called to order something prompted by a Yellow Page spread.

The Internet and computers are new media. Applying old school marketing principles to new media is an intelligent idea. That’s just what our company is about to show you here.

Can your customers find your Local Business on the Internet?

Local Organization Search Results

Don’t be anxious — if you’re a Fortune Multi-National Conglomerate, you don’t need to look in the Local Organization Results.

One of the best kept local Net marketing secrets is the Google Local Business Middle. Until your business is registered here, it can not be found in the search results map. Google integrated this feature in early on 2009, and it’s recently been evolving ever since. To get those buying locally, however, this is the initial thing most searchers see… and probably the first links on which they will click. Once here, not only are you at the top of Page 1 — look at that map! They now know where you are and the way to get to you personally…

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