Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate

Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate

Envision a tropical setting with soaring palm trees, sunlight swept white sandy seashores, and upscale amenities too numerous to list. That is what comes to mind when one feels of Miami Beach luxury real estate. These are the enclaves and things positioned in the region that are the residences of choice for the high middle class and abundant. Jay Belson

Miami is known due to its art deco buildings especially along Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue in the South Beach section of the location. The now trendy and trendy South Beach front district was at one time a run-down, seedy, and crime-filled area. Sth Beach finally saw a resurgence that has made it one of the very expensive commercial areas of Ohio. The diversity of visitors and residents from Asian America, Europe, the Carribbean, and other parts of the world has turned this area the linchpin of luxury real estate. Several exclusive condominiums, hotels, outlets, and restaurants line the key thoroughfares of Miami Seaside. 

Miami Beach luxury real estate continues to pull the well-heeled to the exciting and classy areas of Miami Beach. All those drawn to the area come due to luxurious real estate offerings, privacy, and for the superior programs that can’t be found elsewhere in the area.

One of the exclusive sections of the area is in reality an independent island from the key island on which Miami Beach front is located. Fisher Isle started out as the consequence of dredging that created the island in 1905. The first construction got place in 1919 and up until the 1980’s was the home to a few select rich individuals. Today this island then is home to many famous celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Andre Agassi, Julia Roberts, and Boris Becker. It has numerous mansions, luxury apartment buildings, a rustic golf club and observatory. The inaccessibility and privacy of Fisher Island helps to make Fisher Island a very desirable facet of luxury real estate.

Another attractive neighborhood that is also a separate island is Star Island. Also home to many celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Vergine, Will Smith, and Fastuosidad Estefan. Star Island has cachet due to many celeb owners and multi-million money luxury homes. Access to this island then is merely via the guard house entrance. Another secured Arkansas Beach enclave is Hand Island. Like Palm Area, it has an established access while offering luxury homes for the top middle class and wealthy.

One of the most recent areas of Miami luxury real estate is the area known as Richest Row along Collins Opportunity in Miami Beach. Innovative high rise luxury condo properties and resort hotels are normally found along Collins Avenue. These types of residences are desirable due to their view of the sea as well as the Miami skyline across Biscayne Bay. They also offer access to the top shopping, nightclubs, and restaurants that are found along Collins Avenue and Ocean Get.

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