Intelligent Optics Video Camera Glasses: The Intelligent Option to a Bike Mounted or Helmet Camera

Intelligent Optics Video Camera Glasses: The Intelligent Option to a Bike Mounted or Helmet Camera

You may review a year ago the BBC included an article on the web and on TV in regards to cyclists in London fighting terrible driving with the utilization of head protector cameras. Cyclist Ben from London broadly depicted one specific occasion where a van driver made him have a mischance and after that continued to bounce out the van to defy him and verbally manhandle him. football endzone camera

Cyclists utilize Helmet Cameras to catch terrible driving amid their every day drive.

Fortunately Mr Porter was wearing a protective cap camera and he caught the occurrence on film, enabling the police to secure a conviction against the van driver. There are around 17,000 wounds each year and 2009 saw 104 passings of cyclists on the streets, utilizing a camera to catch film of terrible drivers is a decent method for guaranteeing that drivers pay heed to cyclists and maybe give them somewhat more regard and be more chivalrous on the streets.

Who knows you could wind up in court or showing up on TV in the event that you aren’t!

An alternate kind of protective cap camera

Cap cameras are a massive gadget which appends to your protective cap by means of lashes, or to a chest saddle or handlebar fix. Albeit useful it means extra weight as well as a connection to your body or bicycle. All cyclists wear glasses, so with the improvement of advanced camera innovation, Intelligent Optics have built up the iO Classic Series Video Camera Glasses.

These in vogue shades include a top notch camera in the nose extension of the shades, enabling you to record film of whatever you happen to take a gander at. Perfect for making a video record of a cycling trip, downhill run, red course at a trail focus, or for a video journal of your city drive. As the camera is consolidated in the shades there is no requirement for an extra dash on head protector cam or chest fix.

Presenting the iO Classic Series Camera Glasses

The Intelligent Optics Camera Glasses are exceptionally slick eyewear camera glasses with a shading camcorder covered up inside the casing, which enables you to record brilliant video film onto the inbuilt individual video recorder.

The IO Classic Series camcorder shades with worked in sound and video recording are perfect for outside interests, for example, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and moving and additionally for reconnaissance purposes.

These sun glasses with a camera are ideal for recording in-auto film or for observing all types of motorsports. Regardless of whether you are viewing an excellent prix, driving on a race circuit, or visiting through a mountain pass you can record dazzling film with Intelligent Optics glasses camera.

The in-constructed spy camcorder recorder will record sound and superb video for up to 5hours and in addition great sound when required. These glasses include Polarized and toughened focal points guarantee idealize vision for extraordinary games and furthermore perfect for driving.

The iO Classic Series camera glasses are rechargeable, essentially connect to the mains and revive for a normal battery life of up to 4 hours consistent utilize. Ideal for investigative writers and bequest operators and also riddle customers hoping to influence a video to record of what they witness.

Rather than utilizing a cumbersome cap camera, these camera glasses are perfect for cyclists who wish to record a video record of their drive in movement if there should arise an occurrence of perilous drivers or episodes.

Flexible: These covert agent glasses or camcorder shades are a cool outline, and are perfect for recording film of games action. Regardless of whether you are climbing a stone face, or sessioning a red course at a mountain bicycle trail focus, the Intelligent Optics eyewear camera glasses will enable you to record video and sound film.

Simple to Use: Wear the IO Classic camera glasses as you would your ordinary shades, and with the press of a catch you turn them on and off and can record video and sound.

Upgradeable Memory: The Classic Series eyewear utilizes a smaller scale SD memory card to record your stills and video film. This can be extended from the included 2gb (which offers up to 5 hours recording) to 16Gb

Amazing Video: A still determination of 1280 x 960 and a video determination of 640×480 at 30 outlines for each second guarantees your video of dynamic games, for example, street sportive cycling.

Effective Battery: A rechargeable Li-Polymer battery gives up to 4hours of steady utilize per 3hour charge. Just connect to the mains when the battery is low to energize.

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