Installing New Road Bicycle Pedals

Installing New Road Bicycle Pedals

Setting up new pedals yourself is quick and easy.

You will need the following:

* Allen key and pedal wrench
* Sauces

Removing the old throtle:
Removing this pedals from your crank can be easily done with either the bike on the floor or stuck in a job work stand.

Note: Pedals like the Look Keo Carbons do not accept a coated wrench. These pedals will require an Allen key that can be put in the spindle from the back side. End up being careful you might have a cadence magnet in there – so remove it before you make an effort to remove the pedal. 

In the event that by using a work stand, place your odds on the rear wheel or get the brake to quit the wheel from spinning.

The right pedal will come off just like any other bolt system you have used. Turning the spindle counter clockwise (left) will loosen the pedal. Yet , the left pedal is reversed threaded and will should be turned clockwise (right) to loosen. Don’t be surprised if you want to put your shoulder with it; water and time may have removed the grease, creating them to stick.

Installing the new pedals:
While using old pedals removed, get rid of the threads on your turn arm – removing any dirt or old fat. Grab your grease and new pedals. Place a strip of grease on both threads of the pedals.

With the new pedals greased use your fingers to catch the threads and snug them up to your turn arm. Stay away from tools until they are finger small. Remember the left coated is reversed thread. Have your time, there is nothing as disappointing as stripping your crank.

With the new pedals finger more strict take your Allen key or pedal wrench and snug them up to your crank arm. Commonly a quarter or 50 percent turn passed finger restricted is plenty. When they are firmly in place use a rag to clean up the excess oil. Now recheck your throtle, ensuring they are securely in place.

With your first few rides check your pedals to ensure they are still snug against your crank.

If you do a lot of wet weather riding it can be prudent to remove your pedals and apply new grease every now and then. If you have ever had your throtle seize to a turn arm you’ll know why it’s worth the extra effort.

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Caution – screwing up to properly install your pedals can cause serious injuries. If you have any questions about the above please contact all of us for clarification. Our guide is a guide meant to aid you in doing your own work. In the event that you have any questions its best to seek help prior to using.

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