Flashloaded Flash Navigation – 360PanViewerPRO, AdvancedTree, FlipNavigation, ThumbNailerPRO Review

Flashloaded Flash Navigation – 360PanViewerPRO, AdvancedTree, FlipNavigation, ThumbNailerPRO Review

Do you possess a flash website for your business? Does it have the navigation components for flash that will wow your potential and actual customers? Now, you can make your clients wanting to go to your flash website over and over again by installing all the elements you need for easy and interesting site surfing around. product filter magento 2

These flash extensions are great; because not only will your customers find your flash website very appealing, they will also find it quite simple to browse around and explore. Every customer wants in order to shop with ease, so choose a flash website as progressive as possible. 


The 360PanViewer navigation part permits one to effectively and proficiently add 360 degrees panning to your SINGLE WHITE CHIC files or plain images. A 360PanViewerPRO not only allows you to add 360-degree panning to your SWF files or images, but also 180-degree panning. The 360PanViewerPRO has a built-in distortion for panning, interactive zoom, image more detail, and carries advanced killer spot capabilities.


The advancedTree component is an advanced collapsible tree component which you can use for drag & drop, menus, and course-plotting which is fully customizable and skinnable. The blogScroller is the great navigation aspect lets you scroll between elements, movie clips or images either vertically or horizontally. This blogScroller course-plotting component is also called as the text scroller, flash scroller, and movie clip scroller that let us your customers scroll through the written text, images, movie clips, and show elements of your Adobe flash website.

flashTicker and flashTickerFX

If you want to display new items on your Flash website using scrolling ticker text raised on through an Extensible Markup Language or external record, then make sure you purchase the flashTicker. The flashTickerFX allows you display promotional images or text with 6 built-in transition effects. Only feed your data through an Extensible Markup Language data file or external text. You could also display information on your Flash website employing this flashTickerFX navigation part.


Fully customizable, is one of the most popular components flash mx that permits one to easily add a detailed window that usually shows up if customers move their mouse over movie movies or Flash buttons. The tooltip of the flashTooltip navigation component may include SWF files, images, or text and contains five built-in closing and beginning effects.


The flipNavigation component allows you to deploy and create Display websites, slideshows, banners, or widgets, using SWF data, text, or images with absolutely no coding, and with flip transitions. The flip effects that you might use when you already have installed this navigation aspect include blur, bounce, and easing.


The pageFlipper component gives you multiple techniques for making a reasonable page turning effect from images and movie videos. This navigation component is also great if you wish your clients to look for your adobe flash website in a way as surfing around through a magazine. The photoFlow navigation component allows you to display numerous images with a pile effect, perspective, and expression.

thumbNailer, thumbNailerPRO and ultimateScroller

If you wish to display multiple thumbnails vertically or width wise with mouse interactivity, then you should definitely make your Flash website the thumbNailer navigation component. The increased thumbNailerPRO is also great because it includes infinite slideshow, scrolling, and integrated Extensible Markup Language functions. The ultimateScroller navigation part is a fairly easy to use scroller and it is fully easy to customize.

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