Featuring Facebook

Featuring Facebook

Online community web sites such as Facebook aren’t always about wasting time. There’s a lot you can do with it. There are programs from games to professional utilities – all at one place… buy ip votes

A significant shift has happened in social networking tendencies among the Indian children during the last one year: almost every person the person had an Orkut account has one on Facebook – and few have even opted away of Orkut altogether. More than the last four a few months, the quantity of active users of Facebook has more than doubled and July 2009 saw more than 3. 2 million Indian users. Comscore, the internet marketing and research company, says 68. 2 percent of the time spent by Indians on social social networking, was spent on Orkut. But just ask your friends and family about which hangout they choose during the net and you’ll probably find the Comscore results surprising. A few face it: for a growing number of Indians, Facebook is the new Orkut. 

One reason for Facebook’s growing popularity is its aggressive online strategy. Fb has ensured it keeps obvious in the press through tie-ups with various major companies such as Aircel for mobile internet services, Vodafone (and their ZooZoos) for free gain access to Facebook – with all its pokes, revisions and egg sending – on your cellular phone, and Viacom’s MTV (India) for ‘Celebrity Connect’ – finding out which celebs you resemble. Its failed make an attempt to buy Twitter, and the recent acquisition of FriendFeed – has also helped to keep it in the public eye.

The other reason is that it’s filled with a bunch of unique features, an immensely interactive, instantly rewarding and deeply interesting variety of applications (or ‘apps’), and surprising tweaks that allow you to have fun while being in regular touch with your family and friends. Let’s take a glance at a few of the things that you could do on (and with) Facebook to bring the ‘social’ back in your network also to make it more exciting, entertaining and cool.


Sign in to Facebook. com and take a good look at the bottom kept corner of the display. Weight loss miss that little button on the toolbar, which says n applications. For the f applications toolbar, click the website link that says ‘Browse Even more Applications’. This will start a Pandora’s box of applications that you can choose from.


We’ll start this quick tour of applications with a look at three of the very happening game titles on facebook site, in order of popularity.


While about 62 % of the Indian human population is actually employed in the agricultural sector, all of a sudden, the population of virtual growers has boomed, thanks to FarmVille. This casino game in which anyone can create and cultivate his/ her own virtual farm has practically 35 million users and is obviously the most popular game on Fb. Developed by Zynga, Bay area, it allows you to become a web farmer – plant, grow, harvest and sell crops, buy or breed livestock – to earn ‘coin income’. Every single crop requires a that same day to develop (Tomatoes need eight several hours, Raspberries need two, sunflowers need 23 and so on) and each offer you an XP (short for experience).

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