EBay – The Global Mecca For Online Retailers

EBay – The Global Mecca For Online Retailers

Consequently, more and more online retailers are drawn to eBay’s worldwide customer base. Yet , there is still unwillingness by some of the major brands to let their affiliates and retailers to use this important sales channel. 1mm acrylic sheet

Why consider amazon?
Statistically, eBay is main places that someone surfing to acquire products online will appear so it makes tsense to obtain your products detailed there. Additionally, eBay UK makes up 10% of constantly UK users spend on the Internet. 

How Contendo. Motion’s clients use auction web sites?
Many of our ecommerce clients through our hands on consultancy support are now tapping into the eBay concept and are reaping the great things about having their products for deal in this online industry. At Com. Motion we follow a few simple rules in ensuring that companies achieve excellent results on eBay. These include:

Opening a store – Having a shop allows companies to list all of their products on eBay for up to ninety days or more and is very cheap i. e. about 12p per item. Having a logo – brand reputation is crucial so trading in a shop logo design that gets noticed is definitely worth any associated design cost.

Marketplace – knowing our client’s marketplace and doing research on craigs list. We all know who to sell to, what format to sell in and what time products sell best. eBay has a number of online tools that provide all of this information. A fantastic starting point is eBay Pulse.

Key word research – eBay works in a similar way to search engines like google in that it will allows people to search query its repository for products that are most aligned to their keyword search. Therefore, we build listings that are consumer focussed on amazon and search engine friendly. Do your research!

Photos – the key to any sale! We encourage our clients to get some time and a little profit making sure that the photographs are excellent. Good photographs and possibly a professional designed theme have a huge influence on sales – Ducti Template.

Personalize – We create custom built eBay shops and templates that really promote our client’s brands and highlight their products in a clear and professional way. It is amazing what design improvements can be made for very little money so consider this accordingly.

Cross sell – eBay provides the service to cross sell products. This advertisings value and customers considering one product may buy the second similar one.

There are many more and more to consider when using the eBay marketplace, but that is sufficient to get you started. We at Contendo. Motion fully embrace the idea of eBay and actively encourage our elektronischer geschäftsverkehr clients to consider auction web sites as part of their online marketing strategy in their efforts to achieve their business objectives such as increased online sales.

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