Become a Boxer

Become a Boxer

Boxing is a tough sport in fact it is highly risky to become a boxer. Boxers could lose their life during a match, especially professional boxers. Not surprisingly, many boxers have a long term disability after retiring from boxing. The most evident example is Muhammad Ali. Currently he is struggling from Parkinson disease brought on by the beatings this individual received from the opposition while still active as a boxer. canelo next fight

On this page We will show how to become a boxer. A large number of people imagine this is a fairly easy thing. But only few people who handled to reach the top of professional boxing. 

1) Register yourself to the nearest boxing camp, practice there for a while, if you are really serious, get hire a coach to coach you.

2) Practice your technique from a coach, like a jab punch, hook, patte, etc, training with the shadow boxing before the goblet, if you have extra time, watch professional boxing videos.

3) Every early morning run for at least 30-60 minutes, then slowly but surely running longer.

4) Lift up weights 5 kg for at least 20 minutes and also lift the load 25-50 kg for 5 minutes, try this with your coach (this is very dangerous if not properly review).

5) Consume healthy foods, drink drinking water whenever you can, and avoid fast food.

6) Arriving to the boxing camp, impact the speed bag or heavy bag with the techniques you’ve learned from your coach. Train while playing music, so as to not get bored.

7) Do at least one humdred and fifty push-ups per day and forty five push-ups one arm a day (each 20), situps is as much as 300 times a day or practice with a medicine ball.

8) Practice complement your opponent after you think you are ready, and if you feel it’s really ready, ask your coach to arrange the match for you, and register yourself in to the nationwide boxing association.

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