Adding LED Lighting To Your Nightclub Or Bar

Adding LED Lighting To Your Nightclub Or Bar

I actually get calls on a regular basis from nightclub and bar owners seeking to increase the appearance with their establishments. Typically times they have read about and seen LED lamps but are not sure how or where to use it. The best location to start is the area that pays the bills and keeps their pockets fat – the Bar! Here are a few additional tips how to effectively incorporate LED lighting with your facility. den downlight

Jar Shelf: An ideal area to illuminate is a bottle-shelf, that can be custom fake to fit into the d? cor of the establishment and be a key point of any tavern or nightclub. Accentuating the liquor bottles with color-changing light will create quite an impressive effect, yet should be a fairly easy job for the neighborhood lighting and music installation company. This kind of type of bottle-shelf works especially well to illumine a few of the premium vodkas, because their bottles are made of a frosted goblet that diffuses the the sun while the alcohol inside is apparent. 

Under the Bar: Another great label LED lighting is below the bar. Fixtures can be mounted directly to the underside of the bar and adjusted to direct light onto the eye of the bar, creating a good, ambient glow without glaring into customer’s sight. This creates a comfortable environment for patrons to migrate to.

Dance Ground: Installing an LED boogie floor could really illuminate the room. Use LED light panels and put the controls in the hands of your DISC JOCKEY, who can match certain colors, flashes and powers of light with different beats from the music.

The ideal LED fitting to use at the line is the iColor Cove QLX made by Philips Color Kinetics. This kind of product certainly a versatile light due to its blend of high output and compact physical proportions. This is available in 6″ and 12″ lengths which can be incrementally addressable to create a gradient color change or a chasing impact across multiple fixtures. A single power supply will support up to 20 12″ iColor Cove QLXs, which is often linked end-to-end with attached power connectors that will make 180? turns. 1′ and 5′ jumper cords are available to hook up multiple fixture runs also to bypass obstacles. The permanent fixture itself sits on a mounting foot that can either be screwed straight onto a surface or easily snapped into 4′ mounting tracks, that will ensure a straight run of fixtures. Another nice feature is the adjustable spinning locking hinge that allows the beam of light to be focused one hundred and eighty?.

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